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Having studied the fundamentals and principles of interior design, and the history of furniture,  I have developed an understanding and deep appreciation for design philosophies and their impacts, allowing me to serve a variety of clients, each with their unique goals, values, and preferences. Respecting the foundations of my studies has allowed for a deeper understanding of how or why things work in modern applications, and while appreciating the “rules” and honouring their ideologies, I believe that challenging them is how to accomplish a thoughtful and beautiful design.

Stellina Josephine

I started my career in jewellery with a fondness for fine details and the unwavering quality of both new and estate pieces. Jewellery has a unique way of telling a story. Some stories are shared with you by the owner or maker, and others you can learn by decoding the small hallmarks carefully stamped onto a piece. Whether new or old, there is a sort of magic that belongs to the history of something, and the unspoken secrets that can never be shared.

In designing jewellery, I came to appreciate and identify notable motifs and patterns with the realization that the influence of design can be found everywhere. I came to realize a desire to explore the process of design but on a larger scale — and that the principles are one and the same, whether it’s a delicate piece to be worn or a room to be loved and lived in. For me, the expression of jewellery design and interior design share an undeniable similarity. Both are influenced by recognizable eras and new trends, memories and emotions,  and ultimately the mystifying influence they have over their stewards.

I am a classically trained designer, and through my studies, first an advanced diploma in Interior Decorating and later an Honours Bachelor of Interior Design, I obtained a foundation that would fuel my approach to interior design and decoration. I believe that the spaces we occupy and the objects we surround ourselves with directly impact our well-being and influence how we approach each day. A fabulous home should be read like a good book; layered with items that hold stories and meanings to you.

Stellina Josephine

Stellina Josephine is a fine jewellery brand created and designed in partnership with Barry’s Jewellers in Ontario. Authentic, antique, and one of a kind coin jewellery. Shop our modern heirlooms.